Top 5 and The Bottom 5 of DC Animated Films


Before we begin this article I would like to point out that even though DC has a vast library of Animated films, and some memorable and some.. Well, you wish you could forget it. Without futher ado, here are my Top 5 and Bottom 5 of the DCAU Films.

The Top 5

Justice League: The New Frontier is taking the Number Five Spot in our countdown, it is based on the Story that was drawn and written by Darwyn Cooke called DC: The New Frontier, some consider it an Elseworlds Story; others consider it a good entry book for new DC fans. In Justice League: The New Frontier we have some slight changes but it stays true to Cooke’s vision of the Early years (leading into the Silver Age) of DC Comics.

Batman: The Assault on Arkham takes the Number Four Spot, you would think since it has the name Batman on the title you would think it’s centered all around him; but no, this is about the villains that are recruited by Amanda Waller, their mission? To break into Arkham Asylum to retrieve the Thumb drive hidden away in the Riddler’s Cane! But in traditional fashion, the plan goes south as The Joker comes into the Picture.


Batman: Mask of the Phantasm takes our Number Three Spot, the film that began the DC Animated Films, with the success of Bruce Timm’s Batman the Animated Series it comes to no surprise that Warner Bros. decided to take a chance with making an animated Batman film. It leads to two stand-alone films being made “Batman: Sub-Zero” and “Batman: The Mystery of Batwoman

All-Star Superman takes our Number Two spot, based on Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly’s limited series; this was Dwayne McDuffie’s last animated story for DC before his untimely death, If you aren’t familiar with Dwayne McDuffie he was a brilliant man who helped create Milestone and other iconic stories and heroes.

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox takes our Number One spot on our Top 5 DC Animated Film List, our Honorable mentions were Wonder Woman, Superman, and the Elite and Under the Red Hood. Based off of the Event series of Flashpoint, the event that catapulted us into the New 52.

Time to move onto our “Bottom 5” Category, everyone has a list for Bad movies so I am calling mine, The Bottom 5.


The Bottom 5

Batman vs Robin takes the fifth spot in our Bottom Five list, what happens when you have a good comic book story like the Court of Owls and try to add a villain that serves as an old 80s sitcom trope of when the child star meets a punk kid and wants to be as ‘cool’ as the punk? Yeah, it becomes a disappointing movie.

Batman and Harley Quinn takes our bottom four spot a film that could have had potential but ended up being a disaster, animated in the nostalgic animation style we grew up with it brings a Raunchy take on Harley’s Redemption. But, the Silver lining to that film is Rob Paulsen singing “Don’t pull your love“.


Superman/Doomsday takes the bottom number three spot and this was DC’s first attempt at trying to adapt to the Death and Return of Superman but surprise, it didn’t work; it lacked everything that the original had, and that included the Reign of the Supermen, Superboy. Replaced it with a clone of Superman that went berserk. But they redeemed themselves by producing two DC films that recently came out. (If you like, you can read my review for it.)

Gotham by Gaslight takes the number two spot, I do not hate Batman, but the movie was just not a good fit, Batman is a good detective but it doesn’t seem like a good fit; but on the other hand, it is a elseworld tale and it always doesn’t have to make sense.


Batman The Killing Joke takes the Number One spot as what is meant to be a serious story for Barbara Gordon turns it into a slap in the face for Batgirl fans, In one time they had an odd relationship dynamic for her and Bruce in Batman Beyond but to me, the relationship between Bruce and Barbara was almost similar to him being like another father figure to her; but instead we are treated to her relationship with Batman turning into a one night stand on a rooftop.

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