Reign of the Supermen Review.


“Man of Steel Dies Defending City.”

R. Lowell Stern. Daily Planet
Superman #75

The Death and Return of Superman have always been one of the cornerstones in Comic Book History and was adapted in form or another in the years of its publication. We began the movie where we left off in the Death of Superman, the adaption stays true and faithful to the source material but in certain things, it would be expected for it to be overcrowded or the changes to the story is poorly done or feel rushed in storytelling. That is not the case in Reign of the Supermen, with the presence of Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, and the Justice League.

In the Reign of the Supermen, we find that it streamlines the best aspects of the story and it focuses on what it truly means to be Superman. Directed by DC Animation Veteran Sam Liu; it is the best DC animated film released as of late.


With the Man of Steel out for most of the film, we see the support characters getting the spotlight for a change but focuses on the new Supermen as well. Even though there is a lot to cover both character and story wise but it balances out very well, giving the characters and group to shine. There were plenty that stood out in this film but it was Lois Lane that shined bright; Rebecca Romijn whom fans who know her for her roles as Mystique in the first X-Men Movie trilogy, gave a stellar performance showing Lois’s integrity and her tough as nails personality that fans new and old loved. Showing that while she grieves for Superman while getting to the bottom of who and what these new Supermen are and their intentions are for Metropolis.


But also have to give credit to another person as well, and that is Lex Luthor. Wait! Hear me out on this one, I assure you that this reviewer was not bribed by LexCorp for this praise but I have to give him and Rainn Wilson credit on this because of it showing how arrogant and how narcissistic Luthor could be when it comes for what he thinks is best for Metropolis; even if it comes down to using the name and what Superman was to the world. Let’s not forget his Sardonic but ruthless wit during this situation.


One of the other things to point out in this review is how well done the fighting sequences were drawn and animated, Liu knew what to focus on throughout the movie from facial expressions, the different fighting stances each superman used. For Example, Steel using his brawn and technology meanwhile Superboy used a combination of Kicks and flips in his stance but again his movement was very fluid. Fans young and old will enjoy the film’s level of detail and certain easter eggs throughout the film that gives a nod to during the event in the Comics.

Cyborg Superman

The film also took the time to give a question to the viewers, The Justice League, and the citizens of Metropolis, “What makes Superman, Super?” Was it because of his strength? His powers? For Lois, Bibbo Bibbowski showed us that the answer was that it wasn’t the powers that made him Super, it was what he inspired people to be, that you didn’t need Superpowers to be a hero.

In conclusion, I believe that The Reign of the Supermen is a fine addition to the DC Animated Film library. It zeroes in on what makes Superman a great character and importance. It would make Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster proud. Sam Liu did a wonderful job of bringing this iconic story to the big and small screen.

A big thank you goes to DC Comics for the honor of letting this fan have the opportunity to view the movie before its release on Blu-ray.

Final Grade:

Rating: 9.5 out of 10.

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