Kyoto Police Releases the names of the ten victims who have died in the Studio One Fire.


In the Kyoto Shimbun Newspaper was a new report from the Kyoto Police Department, they had released the names of the victims who had died from the Studio One Fire, as a reminder to the reader we will not post the name of the Arsonist. Listed below are the names of the victims, to their families and loved ones we stand with you and have our support through these hard times.

Junichi Uda (34)

Yuki Omura (23)

Masashi Kigami (61)

Yuka Kasama (22)

Ami Kuriki (30)

Yasuhiro Takemoto (47)

Yukie Tsuda (41)

Taishi Nishiya (37)

Satoshi Yokota (34)

Mikiko Watanabe (35)


The Police have stated that they have released the names of the victims after the funeral services are over and the families have given their consent for the Police to release the names of the ten victims. They also have stated that they are not yet releasing the names of the other 25 victims due to DNA testing and other special circumstances and at the requests of the bereaved families when considering how and when to announce more names. Police are working with relatives to ask for their understanding in releasing the names in the future; also taking into account their feelings as well.

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