Late February, Mid March we began to review The Amazing Spider-Man starting with Issue 16 covering “Hunted“; The fierce and cunning Sergei Kravinoff aka Kraven The Hunter! Kraven still reeling from learning that the curse of Immortality hasn’t been broken and wanted more, so the Hunter took off to the Savage Land and began to hunt the New Men to lure the High Evolutionary out of hiding. After forcing him out, Kraven forced the High Evolutionary to create 87 clones (No, You are reading that right True Believer!) for Sergei, after they grew and time went by, Kraven was shocked to find that there was only one son left; Sergi’s son told his father how he had hunted his brothers and killed them, deeming them too weak and unworthy to live. The Hunter looked at his son with sadness but quickly turned to pride as he proclaimed how proud he was as Kraven began to tell his son about his plans involving the sinister Arcade and his company Arcade Industries. How does Spider-Man play a role in this Grand Hunt? Today we will be reviewing the Hunted Story.

Credit: Marvel

One of the things I can say about ‘Hunted’ is that it was one of the most intense stories I’ve read in recent months, Nick Spencer knows how to keep the story interesting for the reader and on the edges of their seats on certain parts of the story. Kraven planned to round up and prison the animal themed ‘Prey’ (hiring the villainous Taskmaster and Black Ant but unbeknownst to Black Ant, he was going to be included in this Twisted Hunt!) And let the rich “Trophy Hunters” and so-called hunters participate in Kraven’s Hunt.

Credit: Marvel

Another thing that caught my eye in this Hunted series was the clever little Easter Egg for Sword Art Online where if you died in the Game, you would die in the real world (I could be wrong on that, but it still was clever to perceive that as an Easter Egg.) And we see this involving Arcade’s new Kraven Bots, Arcade always had a sadistic side and Nick Spencer and the artistic team of Humberto Ramos, Ryan Ottley, and Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque captured it perfectly; the action sequences were great, the battle between the Lizard and “The Last Son” was one of the great battles in this series, but the battle between the Last Son and Spider-Man reached a shocking climax that left the readers stunned by the finale.

Credit: Marvel

Final Grade: 9.1 out of 10, one of the best Kraven stories in a long time; it is safe to say that Spider-Man is in safe hands (Figuratively if you don’t count the Villains involved!)

If you want to read another Amazing Kraven the Hunter Story, I highly recommend Kraven’s Last Hunt.


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