Settling Old Debts Or the Greatest Con Job? Amazing Spider-Man #16.HU Review.


The Hardy Luck:

You know about the famous ‘Parker Luck‘ but what about the ‘Hardy Luck? The Black Cat goes into detail about how she is supposed to be the “World’s Greatest Cat Burglar!” (Don’t let DC Comics’ Selina Kyle know, she might have to put her two cents in on it!) Which everything looks good for a flashback scenario until HE enters the picture, the ex-boyfriend Spider-Man! She ventures deeper into their past relationship, odd as it seems they had good times; until she lost all memory of him thanks to Doctor Strange’s magick and erasing everyone’s memories of Peter being Spider-Man, with that it set her on a dark path.


Enter: Hammerhead.

Credit: Marvel

Now that we’re past the Flashback, catching up on what Black Cat had with the Webhead, now we see a familiar foe that fans will remember, Hammerhead. This added little to the Hunted mythos at first, mainly catching up on when Black Cat became the Queenpin of Crime. Mainly he shares info with her on the Owl’s captors and the main duo who are abducting various heroes, villains that bear the animal theme. Sends the Cat off with one last way to clear things between him and the organization, to settle old debts.

Again, The Hardy Luck.

Image Credit: Marvel

One of the things I admire most in this is Black Cat’s Detective work, Nick Spencer did a wonderful job of showing off Felica’s skills. To tell you the truth I missed this Black Cat, yeah Dan Slott’s run was one of the best Spider-Man stories but I didn’t like the fact of how Black Cat was being portrayed, granted she was hurt by Spider-Man (although, she should have followed her instincts when she realized the Web-Head was not acting like himself. Hence, more like an Ock! ~Reference to Superior Spider-Man!) But acted like too much of a jerk. We see her taking on more than what the mission was supposed to be while finding what she came for, she stumbled across Conner’s son who was locked up in a cage, which sets off the trap laid on thanks to Hammerhead! Pulling one last Con job on his ‘Boss’. A fight ensues between Black Cat, Taskmaster, and Black Ant. Before she is knocked out she sends off one last message to Spider-Man, in hopes he’ll get it in time.

Final Grade: 7.6 out of 10. A great Black Cat story, an okay Tie-in story. Click here to read our review on the beginning of “Hunted”. UPDATE: We have a review of the whole story onĀ Hunted

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