Amazing Spider-Man #16 review: The Hunt begins


Things have been pretty tense for Peter lately, dinner with the Connors in their underground home; Doctor Conner’s son resents his father for making him hide his reptilian appearance. Then, getting into another situation when Black Ant and Taskmaster are on the hunt for the Rhino who was chased into the same restaurant his Aunt was eating at! Putting Spider-Man in an awkward position, saving Aunt May while Aleski was Rhino-Napped! A decision that will haunt Parker.

Meanwhile, in Africa, we find that poachers and their African guides are being attacked by Kraven! For stepping foot on his territory, we find that Sergei Kravinoff is working with Arcade. What is their Mysterious project? Their sights are set on a launch site closer to home.

With great power, comes great responsibility! Spoilers Ahead!

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We begin our review in Africa, Sergei murdered the guide of a wealthy man who warned him not to set foot on Kraven’s territory, the man begged Kraven not to kill him, offering him triple what he paid the guide. The fierce villain would not take the rich man’s money, instead, he offered the man something far more interesting than money, and that was to teach him how to be a Real Hunter.

Sergei Kravinoff was dead for years, he was in peace until his family decided to bring him back to life with dark magick. After taking his family to Savage Land, with only the thought of having their father back, they would start anew but they are quickly killed off, all but one was left after the onslaught; his daughter Ana but didn’t know of his plan.


There he met the High Evolutionary, the man who would give the Hunter what he wanted, Sons. Just like that, we find that they are made in his image, all eighty-seven clones; his daughter Ana learned of his plan and left in disgust. He sent his new children into the world but only one returns home, carrying with him a bag of the skulls of his own brothers; leaving the son’s father shocked and proud. Earning Kraven’s respect instantly, telling Kraven that he will hunt the creature that has eluded his father for years, Spider-Man.

Image Credit: Marvel

“The Rich Fools desecrate hallowed grounds in search of their lost vigor. They call themselves hunters but they are walked into the Jungle while holding a teacher’s hand.”

Seregi Kravinoff

We learn that Kraven’s grand plans are unveiled, any super villains that wear the animal moniker of an animal will be hunted.

  • Nick Spencer delivers a badass take on Kraven the hunter, one of which we haven’t seen since The Last Hunt! Turning him from a superficial hunter to the most extreme conservationist in the world. The dialogue between Kraven and his new son from laying out his plan up to his motivations was superb, making it very compelling to the reader.
  • The artistic team of Ryan Ottley and Alberto Albuquerque is astounding, the detail in this issue was amazing. The way Kraven was depicted is perfect.
  • Absent from this issue was Spider-Man. Which shows that everything that is about to happen is crucial and important to the story that is coming soon.

Final Grade: 9.2 out of 10. UPDATE: We have a review of the whole story on Hunted.

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