Critics Cry Foul Over New Transformers Character, Claiming It Promotes Woke Agenda


Let’s see, we have had critics cry foul over Comic Books, Anime, using video games as a scapegoat, villainizing mental illness, and finally, getting upset over candy-coated chocolate for promoting a Woke Agenda. Are we about to address the multiple elephants in the room by admitting that we have such as Racism, Bigotry, and Gun Violence? No. Because they are upset over a toy line that focuses on Human-Like Robots that transform into vehicles and beasts.

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Unfortunately, there has been more backlash over another animated television series. This time it’s over Nickelodeon and Paramount Plus’ Transformers: Earthspark. A couple of days ago, a far-right/anti-LGBTQ social media personality nicknamed Libs of TikTok shared a clip on their Twitter page of a clip that shows one of their newest Transformers named Nightshade using the pronouns They/Them, claiming that they are coming after your kids.

The criticism doesn’t stop there. Megyn Kelly and Laura Ingraham have shared their disgust and disdain for the television series, claiming that pronouns are being shoved down their throats with corrosive lies. Meanwhile, other critics like the Daily Mail just parrot the criticism that others have mentioned previously.


This has become a common thing in media. Companies introduce diversity in their tv shows, video games, films, etc. Which garner praise from people who watch their product, then some claim that there is a Woke Agenda behind it, using one of the most overused scare phrases next to groomers, socialism, and communism to promote their ignorant views on what is Good For Business, let’s not forget their other idiotic motto Get Woke, Go Broke. There has been a social debate going on about the rights of transgender people and nonbinary people, where we have political figures comparing them to demons and imps. Also, politicians made laws to ostracize them even further from society, whether it be in sports or healthcare. Whenever businesses try to show their support for the LGBTQ community, they are met with immediate criticism and threatened to boycott their products (I am referring to the Budlight fiasco).

In this writer’s opinion, it is a waste of time to get upset over. If you don’t like what the show is about, then change the channel. It is a toy line about human-like robots that transform into vehicles or beasts. I cannot believe I am writing this, but here we are. I would like to give the critics a very friendly reminder that even though they are robotic lifeforms, they have always been shown to have either male or female analogs with non-sexual methods of reproduction. Since they are from another planet, it makes sense that they would try to connect with humans in a way to help them understand the species. At the end of the day, people will still watch Transformers and buy the products. Whether it is on Television, or the new film, Transformers: Rise of The Beasts, which arrives in theaters on June 9th.


Nightshade is a Terran, a type of Transformers that was born on Earth that was brought by Quintus Prime’s Emberstone. In Episode 17 of Nickelodeon and Paramount Plus’ Transformers: Earthspark, the Terran were welcomed into Dot’s family. Like humans, Nightshade was looking for a place where they fit in, and when they saved a young woman who identified themselves as non-binary. Being a Human-Like Robot, Nightshade felt that Non-Binary pronouns had a nice fit to help with their identity. You can find Transformers: Earthspark on Paramount Plus, the series has been picked up for a second season.

Image Credit: Nickelodeon

The Malto Family’s world turns upside down when the Terrans, the first Earthborn Transformers robots, spark to life. The Terrans will forge an alliance between the human Malto family and the legendary Autobots, uniting them in a shared mission.

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