Daily Wire Commentator Trolls The Animation and Anime Community by Declaring Anime is “Satanic”


Once again, we’re playing the “Let’s Attack Animation Because We Don’t Understand It” Game. This time we’re reliving the nineties with the Daily Wire’s Matthew Walsh.

So, the political commentator answered a question during a Livestream on Monday, asking Walsh what his honest opinion was about anime. Walsh responded with a response that is similar to the Satanic Panic, which has been around since the 1980s but has gained momentum thanks to the Far-Right Conspiracy Group, QAnon.

 “I think it’s all Satanic. I have no argument for it — I have no argument for why it’s Satanic, it just seems that way to me.”

There you have it, a “brilliant” response from a person who assumes that the LGBTQIA Community are Groomers and compared being Transgender to identifying as a Walrus.


Walsh also believed that adults shouldn’t be watching animation, but he missed an opportunity to promote Daily Wire’s current ambition of entering into the Animation Industry. By peddling a false belief that today’s shows and movies have “divisive narratives and insidious ideologies.” This led to quite a response to his declaration, even got a response from The Church of Satan.


Later on, it was apparent to this writer that the Commentator was thriving on the attention he received and decided to continue trolling both the Anime and the Animation Community on his personal Twitter account.

It’s not the first time Japanese Animation has entered the American Political landscape. Former President Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump claimed that Google manipulated Americans by not showing any images of real-life mobs on their search engine. Instead, there are colorful images and stills from Mob Psycho 100. In 2020, KW Miller claimed that anime such as Dragonball Z promotes Overly Sexualizing Cartoon Characters. Also, who could forget last year’s Far-Right Fantasy that pushed Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric by United States Rep. Paul Gosar titled “Attack of the Immigrants” which showed Political Rivals, President Joe Biden as the Colossal Titan, and the Democratic Party as Titans.

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