The Dungeon Guide To Tabletop Gaming With 1985 Games’ Lenny Gotter


Hello, and welcome back to another edition of Creator Spotlight. If you recall, back in March, we ventured into the Dragon’s Den with Illustrator Marie Foxy. Now, we venture back into the realm of Tabletop Gaming with our Dungeon Guide, Lenny Gotter, The Founder and Chief Creative Officer of 1985 Games.

In today’s interview, we will discuss the inspiration behind the business, how Wizard of the Coast’s announcement regarding the OGL Change (before it was stopped), and more.

Red: What was the Inspiration Behind Creating 1985 Games?

Lenny: I met Jeremiah thru a mutual friend and he had an idea and sketches of a 2D terrain set, pre-made buildings, trees, and dungeons. He also knew an artist that could draw all the art. I immediately knew that if print costs were acceptable we had a viable product to launch. We got started with a Kickstarter and went from there.

Red: What Kind Of Games Does Your Company Produce?

Lenny: We produce a line of TTRPG accessories. 2D terrain sets, story building decks, DnD 5E journals, maps and miniatures.

  • 1985 Games: Game Pieces Collection
  • 1985 Games: Hero's Notes- A 5E Player's Journal (Different Colors)
  • 1985 Games: Hero's Notes- A 5E Player's Journal
  • 1985 Games- Superior Rolling Dice P-D-20 (VHS Cassette Dice)
  • 1985 Games: Deck of Stories Genesis Box- VHS Casette Box

Red: When Wizards of The Coast First Announced Changes to the Open Game License in late 2022, how did this affect your business?

Lenny: Our journals fall under the OGL, but our other products are generic and hence system agnostic. A tree is just a tree.

Red: What is the most difficult challenge you have faced in producing Tabletop Games?

Lenny: Marketing and getting in front of potential customers. Digital marketing gets harder and more expensive every year and so we are now pushing to get our products into local game stores.


Red: Do you have any advice for people who are wanting to work in the Tabletop Gaming Industry?

Lenny: If you want to produce your product, start working on a social media presence now. We get emails all the time from gamers who have spent years developing something but have no way to market their product. Marketing is the single biggest obstacle, so get started on that while you work on your ideas.

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