Shangri-La Frontier Summons A New Key Visual, Trailer, and October Premiere


It is certainly a good time for Virtual MMORPG-themed anime. Now, we’re getting a chance to dive into another vast, fantasy-filled world known as Shangri-La Frontier.

The popular web novel created by Katarina and a manga adaption illustrated by Ryosuke Fuji has a release date for its anime adaption. Shangri-La Frontier will be premiering in October 2023.

A New Key Visual and Trailer were also revealed for the new series. In July 2022, Crunchyroll announced that it would be streaming the new series on its service. The series staff includes Toshiyuki Kubooka as Director, Hiroki Ikeshita as the Assistant Director, and Kazuyuki Fudeyasu supervising and writing the script.

Shangri-La Frontier Key Visual
Image Credit: Kodansha Ltd.

“Second-year high school student Rakuro Hizutome is interested in one thing only: finding “shitty games” and beating the crap out of them. His gaming skills are second to none, and no game is too bad for him to enjoy. So when he’s introduced to the new VR game Shangri-La Frontier, he does what he does best—min-maxes and skips the prologue to jump straight into the action. But can even an expert gamer like Rakuro discovers all the secrets that Shangri-La Frontier hides…?”

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