Anansi Makes His Heroic Return In A Brand-New One-Shot, Static Team-Up: Anansi


A Fan-Favorite DC/Milestone Animated Hero is about to leap the silver screen onto the pages of Milestone’s Static Comic Book Series. That hero’s name is Anansi, and soon, he will be teaming up with Static for a brand-new one-shot.

That’s right, in a brand-new announcement from DC Comics, a beloved hero from the Static Shock animated series will be making an appearance in Dakota for an upcoming One-Shot titled Static Team Up Anansi.


Static Team-Up: Anansi will feature the creative team of Writer Evan Narcisse (DC Power: A Celebration, Batman: Gotham Knights- Gilded City, and Milestone: 30th Anniversary Special) and Art by Charles Stewart III, who is making his DC Comics Debut, from the Milestone Initiative Talent Development Program. Also, the new One-Shot will feature a main cover drawn by  Static: Shadows of Dakota Co-Writer and artist Nikolas Draper-Ivy, an open-to-buy variant cover by Storm Breaker Artist Natacha Bustos, and a 1:19 variant cover drawn by Cyborg Cover Artist Edwin Galmon.

This New One-Shot takes place between Static: Season One and Static: Shadows of Dakota. Our fan-favorite African Superhero pays a visit to Dakota to investigate a Supernatural Disturbance. Anansi soon finds out that he’s going to need Static’s help in exploring the occult side of the Milestone Universe.

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This news came after a monumental announcement from Static: Shadows of Dakota’s Co-Writer Nikolas Draper-Ivy regarding the first issue getting a Second Printing. Static: Shadows of Dakota will continue on July 4th with Issue #5, followed by Issue #6 on August 1st. The series will also conclude with Issue #7 on September 5th. Static Team-Up: Anansi Issue One will be available in Comic Shops on June 6th, 2023.

Source: Press Release

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