Newspapers Pull Dilbert Comic-Strip After Creator’s Hate-Filled Remarks


Various Media Companies have denounced Scott Adams’s remarks as racist, hateful, and discriminatory. The companies have also announced that they will no longer provide a platform for his work.

During the weekend, Dilbert Creator Scott Adams defended his remarks about describing people who are Black as members of a Hate Group from which White People should get away.

Andrews McMeel Syndications, the company that distributes the Dilbert Strip, did not respond to comments immediately. But Adams defended himself on Social Media against those who he claimed to hate me and are canceling me.


The Backlash began following an episode on a YouTube Show, Real Coffee with Scott Adams. Adams referenced a Rasmussen Reports Survey that had asked whether people agreed with the statement It’s OK to be White. While most viewers agreed with the statement, Adams noted that 26% of Black Respondents disagreed, and others aren’t sure.

According to the Anti-Defamation League, the phrase was popular in 2017, beginning as a trolling campaign by members of the 4chan discussion forum, but then it became a phrase used more by White Supremacists.

Scott, who is white, started to repeatedly refer to people who were black as members of a hate group or a racist-hate group and said he would no longer help black people. On an episode Wednesday, he would go on saying this:

Based on the current way things are going, the best advice I could give white people is to stay the hell away from black people.”

Scott Adams, Creator of The Dilbert Comic-Strip

Following up on an episode from his online show on Saturday, Adams said he was making a point that everyone should be treated as an individual, without discrimination. But you should also avoid any group that doesn’t respect you, even if there are people within the group who are fine. The following publishers have pulled the comic strip:

  1. The Los Angeles Times
  2. The San Antonio Express-News
  3. The USA Today Network
  4. The Plain Dealer in Cleveland
  5. NJ Advance Media

It’s not the first time Adams has made bigoted claims. In July 2020, the Comic Strip Artist declined a charity drawing challenge involving artist Bill Sienkiewicz, the money raised in the challenge would have gone to Black Lives Matter (BLM), LGBTQ+, and women’s rights charities. Scott said that he wouldn’t give to a Violent, Racist Group like BLM. The month before, Scott Adams claimed that the Dilbert Animated Series was canceled due to Reverse Racism (Spoilers, It was canceled due to poor ratings.)

Once again, Elon Musk, who has claimed in the past that he has been too busy running both Tesla and Twitter, has quickly come to the defense of Dilbert and its Creator. Musk is now calling the media and schools racist against White and Asian People. “For a *very* long time, US media was racist against nonwhite people, now, they’re racist against whites & Asians.” it is the same, tiring response “He’s not the Racist, YOU’RE THE RACIST!” a defense that has become the trend over the years. Meanwhile, he denies claims that hate speech has increased during his new ownership. After Elon made claims that US Media and Schools were Racist, he didn’t provide any evidence behind his claim.

Source: NBC News, The New York Times

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