FUUTO PI- A Fun Series for Both New and Veteran Kamen Rider Fans


It was the first Kamen Rider series to be adapted into an anime series, FUUTO PI is a continuation of the Fūto Tantei manga series, which was written by Riku Sanjo and illustrated by Masaki Sato with Toei producer Hideaki Tsukada serving as the supervisor for the manga. FUUTO PI was also part of Kamen Rider’s 50th Anniversary.

The story begins in Fuuto, better known as the Windy City. Mysterious beings known as Dopants wreak havoc by using Dangerous Gaia Memories. However, some heroes use Gaia Memories to protect the city and fight against Injustice. One of our heroes is a half-boiled and indecisive PI named Shotaro Hidari, and his partner, an intellectual PI named Phillip. The duo transforms into Kamen Rider W, the Legendary Hero of Fuuto City!

The series made its debut in August 2022 and ended in October 2022. In my opinion, the Kamen Rider Franchise was the perfect series to adapt into an anime series. If Ultraman could do it, so could Kamen Rider. Fuuto PI is a series that new fans of both Kamen Rider and Kamen Rider W can jump on without feeling lost. As for veteran fans, it gave a feeling of nostalgia, giving them a sense of watching Kamen Rider W again.


The Anime Adaption brought out what worked well in the live-action series, a great dynamic between the characters. It also includes a good blend of mystery-solving with suspense, action, and intense fighting scenes. What also was a treat to watch was the transformation of both Kamen Rider W, the Dopants, and Kamen Rider Accel.

While this series is fit for new fans, it is recommended that they should check out the live-action counterpart, so they can learn more about the PI Duo, for not only their backstory, but Fuuto PI is a series in which the characters were already fully developed. As with most shows or films in the mystery genre, some mysteries were left unsolved, that include if this series will pick up a second season (Definitely hoping so!) this was a fun experiment nevertheless if you want to check out this series, be sure to head over to Crunchyroll.

Final Grade:

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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