Heroes and Villans Gather Together In The Newest FUUTO PI: The Stage Visual

The newest visual for the upcoming stage play of FUUTO PI, and we get a glimpse of what we can expect. In this new visual, we get to see the heroes and villains ready for action.

Here is an updated cast list:

  • Masanari WadaShotaro Hidari
  • Tsubasa KizuPhilip
  • Rina Ikoma– Akiko Narumi
  • Gai Ueno– Ryu Terui
  • Ami Noujo– Tokime
  • Takeshi Nadagi– Detective Mikio Jinno
  • Yuuki Kimisawa– Yukiji Bando
  • Rita AizawaShun Makura
  • Hiroya MatsumotoRenji Tachikawa
  • Yusuke UmezawaSabu
  • Kotaro ItoChūta Tsubosaki
  • Yūki KimisawaYukiji Bandō

FUUTO PI the STAGE will open on December 29th in Tokyo and run at the Sunshine Theater until January 15th, 2023. It will then move on to Osaka’s Umeda Arts Theater for shows from January 19th-25th. You can catch FUUTO PI on Crunchyroll!

Fuuto PI is a continuation of the Fūto Tantei manga series. Which was written by Riku Sanjo and illustrated by Masaki Sato with Toei producer Hideaki Tsukada serving as the manga supervisor.

FUUTO PI: The Stage- November Visual
Image Credit: FUUTO PI The Stage Production Committee

The story is canonically set after the events of Kamen Rider W (the 11th of ther Heisei era), which aired in 2009. It follows private investigator Shotaro Hidari and the mysterious boy Philip, two strangers who become one Kamen Rider!

Source: Anime News Network

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