Daredevil Volume Two: No Devils, Only God

I’m following up on my recent review of Chip Zdarsky’s Daredevil run with Volume Two titled No Devils, Only God.

The world continues to change around Matthew Murdock. The Man Without Fear has disappeared from Hell’s Kitchen, and in his absence, the real devils have come out to play! Detective Cole North may believe he stopped Daredevil, but there is trouble heading his way.

Meanwhile, Murdock has emerged from the ordeal as a changed man but was it for the better or worse? While he faces up to the choices he has made, Matt grapples with who he is and what he wants to be. Can he truly have a life without the suit?

There are big changes in this volume aside from the story. We’re seeing a switch-up involving the layout artists. Artists Lalit Kumar Sharma, and Jorge Fornés (for a guest issue), fill in for Marco Checchetto, who gives the layout a different look for Hell’s Kitchen and the world after Matthew’s new changes. Checcheto continues to bring a gritty and noir theme to this book by mixing different styles of art that keep everything smooth, including the action.


As I have mentioned, previously, Murdock took a break from being Daredevil and became a Parole Officer. Matthew seems happier than he has ever been, and you can tell that he wants to do things differently. But deep down, Matt cannot get away from being Daredevil, because it is in his heart and soul. Speaking of Daredevil, Detective Cole North, a tough, by-the-book cop is starting to face the repercussions of his rigid life choices while trying to be a good cop in a corrupted precinct.

Another surprising change was Wilson Fisk wanting to walk away from his Criminal Empire and wanting to run a legitimate business. The world has turned upside down, and this is truly a sight to behold. Chip Zdarsky continues to deliver a memorable run. He is rebuilding Daredevil from the neck up, letting Matthew heal his wounds (mentally and physically). This also includes reconciling with his violent side and getting back in touch with his Catholic Faith.

The Second Volume collects issues Six through Ten, Zdarsky and his creative team continue to bring readers a near-perfect story that has the right amount of grit, noir, and action. I’m looking forward to reading the third volume.

Final Grade:

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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