Round Up The Usual Suspects.. Fuuto PI-The Stage Announces Nine New Cast Members

Last week, it was announced that the Tokusatsu-themed stage play based on the manga sequel FUUTO PI would take their newest case on the road.

Recently, it was also announced that Actors Masanari Wada and Tsubasa Kizu would be playing the roles of Shotaro Hidari and Philip. Listed below are the newest cast members that will be joining the stage play:

  • Rina IkomaAkiko Narumi
  • Gai UenoRyu Terui
  • Ami NoujoTokime
  • Takeshi NadagiDetective Mikio Jinno
  • Yuuki KimisawaYukiji Bando
  • Rita Aizawa
  • Hiroya Matsumoto
  • Yusuke Umezawa
  • Kotaro Ito

According to Crunchyroll and OTAKU USA’s Kara Dennison, FUUTO PI the STAGE will open on December 29th in Tokyo and run at the Sunshine Theater until January 15th, 2023. It will then move on to Osaka’s Umeda Arts Theater for shows from January 19th-25th. You can catch FUUTO PI on Crunchyroll!

FUUTO PI- The Stage Key Visual
Image Credit:  “FUUTO PI The STAGE” Production Committee

“The story is canonically set after the events of Kamen Rider W (the 11th of ther Heisei era), which aired in 2009. It follows private investigator Shotaro Hidari and the mysterious boy Philip, two strangers who become one Kamen Rider!“

Source: Crunchyroll

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