BAM! A Bat-Tastic Interview with Athena Finger

Megacon 2022- Alan Scott/Green Lantern and Athena Finger

In May, I went on an adventure into an alternate universe with SW Nolton. Today, I got the chance to interview and venture into Gotham with Athena Finger! She is the granddaughter of the Legendary Comic Book Creator, Bill Finger!

For those who aren’t familiar with Bill’s work, Bill Finger was the co-creator of Batman and other DC Comic Characters such as Alan Scott/Green Lantern, Wildcat, and Lana Lang.

In today’s interview, we’ll be discussing the inspiration behind her work, her grandfather’s legacy, and her advice to Artists and Creators. But, before we begin the interview, here are several places that you can find her at the following places:

Red: In creating art, what gives you the most inspiration?

Athena: My mood plays a big part in creating something I want to create. Doing commission work is different. Most clients are looking for something specific. I enjoy both but one is a paid piece and needs to meet the liking of the client.

Red: With the comic book fandom becoming more aware of your grandfather’s work and the legacy he created both on Batman and in Comics, how does it make you feel?

Athena: I feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and I can celebrate with the fans and people in the industry.

  • Batman 1989 Painting
  • The Joker, Painting by Athena Finger
  • Dragon, Fantasy Painting

Red: What is your favorite medium of art?

Athena: Acrylics to work with, and I do enjoy a good story played out with entertaining actors.

Red: Do you have any advice to give for Artists and Creators?

Athena: Protect your creations. Enjoy making and creating your visions but have some business smarts as well.

Red: Is there anything you would want the readers to know?

Athena: Do what you love. In life and career you’ll have a much fuller life. Create, learn, and grow 😃

That concludes our interview! A Big Thanks to Athena Finger for the interview, and if you’re interested in following her and learning more about her Grandfather, be sure to visit the links listed at the top! And finally, if you’re wanting to read past interviews, visit Creator Spotlight!

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