One Piece will take a One Month Break starting June 27th

One Piece Volume 101 Cover- Jump Comics

It is a great time to be a One Piece fan. But after a hellacious battle with Kaido and saving the island of Wano, the Straw Hats will be taking a One-Month break.

A new statement was made on Oda’s One Piece Twitter Account, the one-month break is that Oda needs time to prepare for the 25th anniversary of the serialization and the release of the forthcoming new anime feature film ONE PIECE FILM RED. He also expresses a desire to go to Africa to supervise Netflix’s upcoming live-action series inspired by his manga. He says, “Four weeks! Give me time to steady my breathing!

The break will be for a month (four issues) starting from its 30th issue to be released on June 27th. The serialization will resume in its 34th issue, which will go on sale on July 25th.

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This was something we learned in 2019 when Oda announced that the story of One Piece “will end in five years.” In this statement, he again says, “I want to reorganize the last arc so that I can close it as soon as possible.”


The post also focused on the contents of the live-streaming program to be streamed on YouTube and Twitter from 19:00 (JST) / 03:00 (PT) on June 8th.

  1. Gordon’s voice cast
  2. Uta’s voice cast
  3. Main trailer
  4. Theme song information
  5. Details of the Uta Project
  6. Poster visual drawn by Oda
  7. Announcement section
  8. The latest information on the original manga

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