Kadokawa announces the suspension of Please Tell Me! Galko-Chan Serialization


*Content Warning: The Following News Story contains the mention of Child Pornography*

There is an update on the ongoing case from the recent arrest of Manga Creator, Kenya Suzuki, this time coming from the Publishing Company, Kadokawa. In a new press release from Comic Walker, the serialization and the associated pages of Please Tell Me! Galko-Chan will be removed on the same day after receiving “Multiple News Reports”.

On December 20th, the Forty-Year-Old Manga Creator was arrested by the Aichi Prefectural Police for Suspicion of importing Child Pornography from Germany and for violating Japan’s Customs Act. Anime News Network reached out for comments from Seven Seas Entertainment in regards to Suzuki’s arrest and is waiting for a response.


Please Tell Me! Galko Chan was launched in Kadokawa’s Digital Manga Service, Comic Walker in June 2014, while Seven Seas Entertainment would acquire the license for the manga series in 2015 to publish for English Audiences. The Manga Series would later be picked up for an anime adaption which currently is streaming on Crunchyroll.

Please Tell Me! Galko-Chan Vol.1 Cover
Image Credit: Seven Seas Entertainment

SOURCE: Comic Walker

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