Please Tell Me Galko-Chan! Creator Kenya Suzuki Arrested for Importing Child Pornography

Please Tell Me! Galko-Chan Vol.1 Cover

*Content Warning: The Following News Story contains the mention of Child Pornography*

In a news story from Kyodo News and Anime News Network, Forty-Year-Old Manga Creator Kenya Suzuki, who is known for his Manga Series, Please Tell Me Galko-Chan! was arrested by the Aichi Prefectural Police for Suspicion of importing Child Pornography from Germany.

By importing Child Pornography from Germany, Suzuki violated Japan’s Customs Act, Kyodo News also mentioned that the resident from Funabashi City, Chiba allegedly had six photo collections that he received by international mail on two separate occasions in September and October of last year. According to the Authorities, Suzuki stated upon his arrest that he was “desperately wanting to acquire pictures of foreign children that couldn’t be obtained in Japan.” The report also adds that 46 books and publications allegedly containing child pornography from Suzuki’s residence were also confiscated by the Police.


A Manga Creator named Battan recently revealed on Twitter last week that Suzuki was reported missing for a week to police, but Battan later posted an update where they revealed that Suzuki had been located. Anime News Network reached out to Seven Seas Entertainment for comment, but the news publication is waiting for a response. Seven Seas Entertainment acquired the license for Please Tell Me! Galko-Chan in 2015 for English Audiences and would later be picked up for an anime adaption which currently is streaming on Crunchyroll.

Source: Kyodo News, Anime News Network

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