The Duke of Death and His Maid Picks Up A Second Season


The Season Finale recently aired in Japan, now it has been confirmed by the official Twitter account for The Duke of Death and his Maid that it will be getting a second season.


It made its debut in July and aired in Japan, while Funimation licensed the series out of Asia to debut in their Summer Line-Up. The Anime is adapted from the manga series created by Koharu Inoue, which made its debut in Shogakukan’s Sunday Webry in October 2017. There are currently Thirteen Tankōbon Volumes, in July, Seven Seas Entertainment announced they would be publishing the Manga for English Audiences, Volume One is set to debut in May 2022.

The Duke of Death and his Maid Key Visual
Image Credit: Funimation

When the duke was a young boy, a witch made it so that any living thing he touched died. Unable to cope with such a cursed child, his family sent him away to live in an old mansion. Now a young man, his only companions are an elderly butler and his childhood friend, a buxom, blonde maid named Alice. Despite the fact that touching the duke means instant death, Alice is constantly teasing him, getting close and flirting mercilessly. But even though Alice loves to make the duke blush, her affection for him is the real deal. Can the two figure out a way to break the witch’s spell?

Official Synopsis

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