MAPPA and MADHOUSE join forces for takt op.Destiny

Takt Op Destiny Visual

First introduced during MAPPA’s 10th Anniversary Stage Show, takt op. Destiny takes place in New York in the year 2047, in a world that has almost forgotten music, several young women known as “Musicart” present the scores of legendary pieces of music in physical form. Together they fight to give the world back the joy and passion that music represents.

Recently, Mappa had another Livestream, this time going over what’s to come for this new series, highlighting not only the cast and crew but also releasing a new Visual and information about the OP and ED songs for the series. ryo (supercell) feat. mafumafu x gaku will be singing the OP theme titled “Takt” and for the ending Mika Nakashima will be singing the ending theme “SYMPHONIA”. MAPPA and MADHOUSE are coproducing this series, it is an Original Work by Oji Hiori and DeNa. Yuki Ito is directing the anime, while Reiko Nagasawa is in charge of character designs. In addition, Yoshihiro Ike is composing the music. While this is an Anime, it also has a Video Game. The anime is set to premiere in Japan on October 5th.

Takuto Asahina- takt op.Destiny

Takuto AsahinaKōki Uchiyama

Destiny- takt op.Destiny

Destiny– Shion Wakayama

Anna Schneider- takt op.Destiny

Anna SchneiderKaede Hondo

Titan- takt op.Destiny

Titan- Miku Itō

Lenny- takt op.Destiny

LennySatoshi Hino

Heaven- takt op.Destiny

HeavenInori Minase

Hell- takt op.Destiny

HellReina Ueda

Shindler- takt op.Destiny

ShindlerDaisuke Namikawa

Sagan- takt op.Destiny

SaganEiji Hanawa

takt op.Destiny Visual 2
Image Credit: Mappa

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