Fantasy Artist Jonas Jödicke and Former Teen Heart Throb Aaron Carter reach settlement


Big News coming from the Artistic Community, a year ago, former Teen Heart Throb Aaron Carter, brother of Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter, went to social media to promote his new clothing merchandise, using a beautiful piece of artwork titled “Brotherhood” by Artist Jonas Jödicke, a Twenty-Five-year-old Artist from Berlin, Germany. It was assumed that this was done as a collaboration between two artists but it wasn’t the case as Jödicke responded with a statement saying that his art was being used without his permission to sell merchandise, Carter replied to the Artist in an unprofessional manner with profanity and disrespect but the Art Community came to the aid of their fellow Artist, Forbes also had an interview with Jonas regarding the artwork theft and being called out.

Today, the Fantasy Artist took to Social Media and released a statement regarding the recent court case involving him and Carter, revealing several things such as Aaron would go on Livestream claiming that he “slapped Jonas ass” in court and accusing the fantasy artist of trying to extort him for money but after dealing with this for a year and a half, the lawsuit was finally settled and Aaron paid $12,500 as part of a settlement.


A victory for artists and to encourage artists to fight for their rights. A reminder for admirers of art, buyers or collectors you must respect the artist and their work, do not expect the artist to work for spec. Visit NoSpec for more information, also below is a link to Jonas Jödicke and his artwork be sure to check it out and support his work!

Jonas Jödicke

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Image Credit: GDFalksen

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