Kyoto Animation to Stream Memorial Video for Second Anniversary of Arson Attack


A new announcement from Kyoto Animation has confirmed that they will be streaming a Memorial Video for the Second Anniversary of the Arson Attack, originally the company wanted to hold a memorial ceremony and prayer but due to the ongoing COVID-19 Epidemic, the Studio thought it would be better to stream a Memorial Video on their YouTube Channel on July 18th, 2021. It has been almost two years since the deadly arson attack that took the lives of 36 employees, The memorial video will start streaming at 10:30 AM (Japan time) and go for about 10 minutes, with a minute of silence at 10:35 AM. It will be available throughout the day to rewatch.

It has been almost two years since the incident that took place at our 1st studio.

With grief in our hearts, we have been producing animations while supporting each other and have kept moving forward day by day since then.

Kyoto Animation Co., Ltd

The studio asks that people refrain from visiting the site of the former studio or current offices on the day or any other day, as well as refrain from sending any gifts or flowers and that if sent, they will be declined.

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