Aaron Carter uses Stolen Artwork to promote Clothing Merchandise. Artist responds


Former Teen Heartthrob, musician, and “Marriage Bootcamp” alum Aaron Carter took to Twitter to promote his new clothing merchandise, using beautiful artwork titled “Brotherhood” by Artist Jonas Jödicke, a Twenty-Five-year-old Artist from Berlin, Germany.

You would think that if this was used with permission or was a commission it would have been a great collaboration between two artists, but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case as Jonas Jödicke responded to this announcement.

Jonas Jödicke responds to Aaron Carter’s Announcement

Instead of responding to the young artist with respect and dignity, Aaron responded to Mr. Jödicke’s reply but instead, he decided to show the artist disrespect and replied with an explicit statement.

The Art Community came to the aid of their fellow Artist, Forbes recently had an interview with Jonas regarding the artwork theft and being called out. A reminder for admirers of art, buyers or collectors you must respect the artist and their work, do not expect the artist to work for spec. Visit NoSpec for more information, also below is a link to Jonas Jödicke and his artwork be sure to check it out and support his work!

Jonas Jödicke

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Image Credit: GDFalksen.com

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