Netflix Streams the First Five Minutes of Trese


Last month, Netflix unveiled their newest trailer for Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo‘s Trese, now with the anime set to premiere on Thursday (June 10th) fans can get to watch the first five minutes of the new series.

Adapted from the Award-Winning Filipino Comic, Trese follows the story of Alexandra Trese, a mysterious detective who deals with crimes of supernatural origin mainly occurring in Manila. Alexandra comes from a line of fighters who have kept the peace between the supernatural and humanity. The treaty that kept the humans safe from the Supernatural World began to unravel, Dark Forces are beginning to grow stronger and with the light getting even dimmer, Trese finds herself battling multiple Supernatural threats.

Along with a star-studded cast, Trese has Jay Oliva serving as Executive Producer, Oliva has an impressive resume as, Storyboard artist, film producer, animated film director. Has done extensive work with both DC Comics and Marvel Entertainment’s Animated Films and Marvel’s fan-favorite series The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Comic Book Resources’ Tim Adams spoke to Oliva about when Mitchell and Soberano’s casting was first announced, the interview can be found here.



  • Alexander Trese- Shay Mitchell
  • The Kambal (Crispin and Basilio), Bantay- Griffin Puatu
  • Captain Guerrero, Dominic- Matt Yang King
  • Hank, Xa-Mul -Jon Jon Briones
  • Datu Talagbusao, Ibwa -Steve Blum
  • Anton Trese, Santelmo -Carlos Alazraqui
  • Maliksi -Manny Jacinto
  • Nuno the Snitch, Bagyon Lektro-Eric Bauza
  • Marco -Darren Criss
  • Miranda Trese -Nicole Scherzinger
  • Mayor Sancho Santamaria -Lou Diamond Phillips
  • Bagyon Kulimlim -Dante Basco
  • Aswang market guard- Rodney To

Filipino Voice Cast:

  • Liza Soberano – Alexandra Trese
  • Simon dela Cruz – The Kambal (Crispin and Basilio)
  • Apollo Abraham – Captain Guerrero
  • Christopher Carlo Caling – Hank
  • Eugene Adalia – Anton Trese
  • Cheska Aguiluz – Miranda Trese
  • Christian Velarde – Nuno
  • Bryan Encarnacion – Datu Talagbusao
  • Nica Rojo – Ramona
  • Jo Anne Orobia-Chua – Emissary
  • Jose Amado Santiago – Marco
  • Steve dela Cruz – Maliksi
  • Rene Tandoc – Mayor Santamaria
  • Steffi Graf Bontogon-Mola – Young, Teen Alexandra
  • RJ Celdran – Santelmo, Señor Armanaz
  • Elyrey Martin – Ibwa, Dominic
  • Steven Bontogon – Jobert

News Source: Animation Magazine

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