Funimation announces English Dub Cast for Cells at Work! Code Black

Cells at Work!! Code Black Visual 2

Funimation announced today the new cast list for the Akane Shimizu Cells at Work! Spin-off Series, Shigemitsu Harada and Issei Hatsuyoshiya‘s Cells at Work! Code Black. The story goes that a Rookie Blood Cell bustling about, trying to make oxygen deliveries all over the body. But his workplace is beginning to go into Code Black, the body is going into a tremendous amount of stress and struggling to live and survive. The Dub is set to premiere tomorrow on March 11th. It is thanks to their partnership with Aniplex of America and Bang Zoom! Entertainment.


Cast List:

  • Red Blood Cell (AA2153)Kyle McCarley
  • White Blood Cell (Neutrophil) (1196)Allegra Clark
  • Red Blood Cell (AC1677)Jon Allen
  • White Blood Cell (Neutrophil) (8787)Lizzie Freeman
  • White Blood Cell (Neutrophil) (1212)Tiana Camacho
  • Gastric Chief CellJohn E. Bentley
  • PlateletLizzie Freeman
  • MacrophageSuzie Yeung
  • HepatocyteLauren Landa
  • Brain Cell (Commander)J. Michael Tatum
  • NarratorJason Marnocha
  • English Voice DirectionWendee Lee
  • English AdaptationRachel Robinson

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