Tomohiro Hasegawa’s Moriking Manga Ended with 35th Chapter- Tomohiro’s Comments regarding the Final Chapter are also included!

Moriking Tankobon Volume One Cover

All good things must come to an end, and that was the case with this year’s Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 7, it was the Comedy Manga by Mangaka Tomohiro Hasegawa called Moriking (Shinrin Ōsha Mori King or Forest Ruler Mori King.)

About a Third-grader named Shota Aikawa who had a pet beetle, it evolved from a larva to a pupa to a superhot human! Wacky Adventures begin to unfold as the Aikawa family and the fabulous beetle who would be king begin their journey!

According to Anime News Network’s Adriana Hazra, The manga’s third volume on January 4th had stated that the manga’s fourth volume will be the final volume. The final volume will ship on April 2021.


Moriking was announced in the April 2020 edition of the Weekly Shonen Jump (Issue 19), along with making its debut in Issue 20. Two others that were announced with Moriking made their debuts in the later issues; Jun Kirarazaka‘s Bone Collection (Issue 21) and Kenji Ichima and artist Tsunehiro Date‘s Time Paradox Ghostwriter (Issue 24, Also wrote a review for this series!)

The Final Chapter is available to read today, you can check it out on Manga Plus and Viz Media! UPDATE: Tomohiro Hasegawa’s commented on the release of his final chapter, Which was featured recently on the Comments from the Author.

I’m happy I was able to finish the story! Thank you! Hope to see you again!

Tomohiro Hasegawa

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