Bone Collection Promo

Another Manga has ended, Jun Kirarazaka’s Bone Collection final chapter was published in the 38th issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shลnen Jump on Monday. Kirarazaka launched the Battle Comedy in the 21st/22nd issue of April 27th’s Weekly Shonen Jump, also, the Manga’s first Volume was published on August 4th and the second, final volume will be available in November. The Final Chapter is available to read on Viz or MangaPlus now!

In a world swarming with Yokai Demons, one day a Mediocre Exorcist named Kazami encounters a beautiful girl named Paira. But who is she?! Could the seemingly useless Kazami have a unique ability? Get ready for a Brand New Yokai Battle Comedy Manga for a new generation!

Official Synopsis

Update- August 24, 2020: The Comments from the Authors are in, and Jun Kirarazaka recently spoke about the final chapter being published in this year’s 38th Issue of Weekly Shonen Jump:Frustration and regret! But Iโ€™ll level up and return someday. At least I was able to share a short moment in the same magazine as my idol Kubo Sensei!

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