Oscar Isaac answers the Codec, He will become Solid Snake in Sony’s Metal Gear Solid Film


Oscar Isaac has been confirmed to play Solid Snake in Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ action movie “Metal Gear Solid,” currently in development at Sony Pictures.

The film is based on the 33-year-old “Metal Gear Solid” video game franchise, created by Hideo Kojima and published by Konami. The script is written by Derek Connolly. Avi Arad is producing. Peter Kang is the executive overseeing for the studio.

The game, launched on the PlayStation in 1987,  follows Solid Snake, a soldier who infiltrates a nuclear weapons facility to neutralize the terrorist threat from Foxhound, a renegade special forces unit.

Isaac, who has recently portrayed Poe Dameron in the “Star Wars” sequel trilogy, expressed his interest in playing Solid Snake during a March 2019 interview. Vogt-Roberts responded by saying he was open to the idea.


For more information on this developing story, Variety has the details. The Information above was provided by Variety also.

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