New York Times has released its Graphic Novels and Manga Best Sellers List for December and there are a few changes for this time around, last month My Hero Academia’s Volume Twenty-Five was at Number three but now it has dropped down to No. 14. DC’s Batman: Three Jokers has taken No. 15 while Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Vol. 1 has jumped to No. 11.

Who are the three jokers?

Batman doesn’t understand how or why, but the fact is certain: the man he has spent a lifetime chasing isn’t one man at all. There are three Jokers. Now that he knows the unbelievable truth, Bruce needs real answers. Joined by Barbara Gordon and Jason Todd, two former victims of the Joker’s brutality, the Dark Knight is finally on a path to defeat the madman once and for all. Every last one of him.

  1. A Wealth of Pigeons– By Steve Martin and Harry Bliss, Celadon
  2. GUTS By Riana TelgemeierScholastic
  3. New Kid– By Jerry CraftHarperCollins
  4. My Hero Academia Vol. 1– By Kohei HorikoshiViz Media
  5. Class Act– By Jerry Craft, Quill Tree
  6. HAPPY NARWHALIDAYSBy Ben Clanton, Tundra
  7. BLADES OF FREEDOMBy Nathan Hale, Abrams
  8. Baby-Sitters Little Sister: Karen’s RollerskatesBy Ann M. Martin, Illustrated by Katy Farina, Scholastic
  9. Smile by Riana TelgemeierScholastic
  10. My Hero Academia Vol. 2– By Kohei HorikoshiViz Media
  11. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Vol. 1 By Koyoharu GotougeViz Media
  12. Drama– By Riana Telgemeier, Scholastic
  13. Sapiens- By Yuval Noah Harari and David Vandermeulen. Illustrated by Daniel Casanave, Harper Perennial
  14. My Hero Academia Vol. 25– By Kohei HorikoshiViz Media
  15. Batman: The Three Jokers– Geoff Johns. Illustrated by Jason Fabok, DC Black Label
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