Major 2nd Season One: Off to a rocky start but gives viewers nostalgic memories of playing in the Little League


Before I begin this newest review, I would like to apologize to readers who have been reading my Reviews, from now on there will be no more reviews that cover eight episodes in one review in the past with shows such as My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (the reviews for that season were deleted and will be replaced with a Season Review in its place).

Adapted from the manga by the same name that was written and illustrated by Mangaka Takuya Mitsuda, the story is a sequel of the first series, but this time our protagonist is Diego Shigeno, son of the famous Gōrō Shigeno, Diego always looked up to his father and knew that he was destined for greatness, but in his first game, Diego learned not only that he hasn’t reached his full potential but feels burdened that he cannot live up to the legendary name, Shigeno. He immediately left the Mifune Dolphins, quiting Baseball all together. Later, time passed and Diego meets another boy named Hiraku Sato at school, the fate of these two young men moves forward.


With so many anime and manga that involves elements like Superpowers, battles that would decide if a world would live or die, Supernatural, and Fantasy that is on the market today it is nice to watch kids having fun in the game of Baseball. The pacing was steady when it came to character development, including a look into what drove the kids to their goals, personal lives, and going into detail on certain plays and giving fans who’ve never played the sport a well-detailed explanation on certain plays, hand signs. Handling the animation production for the series is OLM Studio, OLM is a well-known animation, the film studio that has handled series such as Pokemon, Berserk (the 90 era series), Yokai-Watch to name a few, when it comes to the comedy bits on certain scenes, there are moments when the animation seems stiff or timed incorrectly, but it makes up for it when it came down for the Tournament and certain moments in individual games.

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Speaking of comedy, the humor is light-hearted and a nice touch for a sports anime series, most viewers that have watched this series make comparisons with another Baseball anime, Ace of Diamond. But between you and me, it’s in a League of its own (Yeah, I made a movie reference, so sue me.) The first season started off slow, we see some familiar faces make their return that fans of the first series of Major and their children make debuts in the latter half. Then comes the Tournament, was one of the most intense and dramatic moments of the series, it was fast-paced as most tournaments tend to be when participating in and heartbreaking.

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Final Grade:

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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