My Hero Academia: Episodes 69-76

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The action is getting hotter on My Hero Academia, today I’m picking up where I left off in our review, Suneater temporarily lost the ability to use his quirk, Red Riot was unleashed and now the heroes gathered at the Nighteye Agency, preparing to infiltrate Shie Hassaikai; can the heroes save Eri before Overhaul harms her even more? What other experiments have the Shie Hassaikai been conducting behind closed doors? Our review begins for Episodes 69-76! Heads up, this will be a multi-page review!

Overhaul uses Eri
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It is amazing how this arc has transitioned into animation, the serious tone of the situation such as Eri’s predicament, Overhaul’s sinister motives, and of course, the battles the heroes endure to save a young girl and to stop Shie Hassaikai’s Quirk Enhancing and Quirk Killing experiments when using Eri’s body and quirk to make it possible. Miro and Izuku’s guilt is palpable, it wasn’t a lumbering sadness that would carry on through the episode (Take, for example, Naruto;) but it was fierce frustration. But the Pro-Heroes assured the newer heroes that they did the right thing and stayed within a protocol. One of the heroes that stuck out during episode sixty-nine was Ken Takagi, also known as Rock-Lock, he may make snap judgments but he is a hero that isn’t afraid of proving people wrong. It is always a treat to watch the heroes grow and keep the dream alive, and aren’t afraid to be rebellious; when coming into the potential raid of the Hassaikai compound, it was well done from page to screen transition, the battle involving Ryukyu’s Squad vs Rikiya might have been off-screen for the most part but it was a great way to start off this monumental event.

I am, Suneater!

As it progressed on, we see more Yakuza trying to stop the heroes, Red Riot and Deku leading the charge as Nighteye, Eraserhead and Rock Lock follow close by; I always have been a sucker for Origin stories, always a way to learn more about the hero or villains but with each big battle such as Suneater vs the trio of Setsuno, Hojo & Tebe; we see Tamaki overwhelmed at first but this was a good chance to see his quirk in action, setting up what is to come in the next few episodes, it may have been presented as a difficult challenge for our nervous hero but he came out on top.

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