‘Whatever happened to the Woman of Tomorrow?’ Supergirl to end on Season Six

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CW Supergirl Season Five Promotional Image

It is with a heavy heart that the CW Network’s hit show Supergirl will be ending with season six. The CW, the Producers at Warner Bros TV, and Berlanti Productions announced last night that the drama which starred Melissa Benoist will conclude with Season Six, it is set to premiere on the CW in 2021. It will be the second Arrowverse series to have ended, Arrow wrapped up its eight-year run in January, production on all 2020-2021 broadcast series was delayed due to the Coronavirus Epidemic, Additionally, was set to start at a later date for production to begin to accommodate Benoist’s Pregnancy. The Television series tackled current events and social issues such as Immigration, Racism, Police Brutality, Gun Violence, LGBTQ Issues, and Equality; while it also made television history by introducing the first Transgender Superhero, Dreamer. For more information on this development, Deadline has the details.


My name is Kara Zor-El. I’m from Krypton. I’m a refugee on this planet. I was sent to protect my cousin. But my pod got knocked off course and by the time I got here, my cousin had already grown up and become… Superman. I hid who I really was until one day when an accident forced me to reveal myself to the world. To most people, including my adoptive sister Alex, I’m a reporter at Catco Worldwide Media. But in secret, I work to protect this planet I call my home from anyone that means to cause it harm. I am Supergirl.

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