Supergirl to introduce the TV’s first Transgender Superhero.

It was announced on Friday that a new lady was joining the ranks of the CW hit show Supergirl. Her name is Nicole Maines, known for her role in Royal Pains and taking part in the HBO the Trans List.

Who is Dreamer? Her name is Nura Nal who made her debut in Adventure Comics #317 as Dream Girl, a heroine who had the power to see future events before they happened. However, the one we will be seeing is her ancestor. In an interview with the executive producer for Supergirl spoke to Den of Geek at SDCC:

“She’s a cub reporter who worked for Cat Grant as an intern at the White House and Kara is going to be her mentor. What we learn about her is that she is the great-great-great-great-great-grandmother of Nura Nall, who is Dream Girl from the Legion and her superpower is seeing the future. We are just over the moon that we found Nicole Maines to be our Nia.”

Jessica Queller
Credit: DC Comics

For more information and for more of in-depth interview with the executive producer, please click the highlighted portion to read the interview and the who’s who over on Den of Geek.

Be sure to tune in and watch Supergirl when it returns from its Winter break on Sunday, January 20th on CW.