Major 2nd Episodes 7-13: The Beginning of the Summer Tournament

Okay, it’s time for another review, and I’m continuing with the Review of Major 2nd, this time it is with Episodes 7 through 13. With it leading up to the Summer Tournament, we witness Daigo beginning his training as a Catcher with the help of Shida’s father, Toshiya Sato, Toshiya helping strengthen the young catcher’s throwing arm and help Daigo find his place in the world of Baseball. As for Shida, he continued training, even though he and his mother moved to Gunma to be close to their family, with the Summer Tournament beginning, can Daigo and the Mifune Dolphins defeat their first opponent, the Tanikawa Eagles? Will Shida and Daigo’s teamwork bring the team their very first victory? Time to Play Ball! The Review begins now!


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With Baseball making its return in the world during the COVID-19 Pandemic, watching a Sports Anime such as Major 2nd does a great job keeping up the morale of Sports fans, moving onto the review again we see Daigo continuing his training for the Tournament, not only that we also see Sakura wanting to join the Dolphins, but is being stonewalled by her parents and a hint of sexism involved; plus not to mention being ticked off at Daigo for lecturing her about quitting Baseball, but deep down it was something that she needed to hear. But much to her parent’s dismay, she is going to show the boys what she can do, speaking of Daigo, he is dealing with these emotions: Betrayal, Loneliness, and Heart Break due to Toshiya’s son moving away, one of the best parts of this moment was that Toshiya Satou didn’t make this about him, he was familiar with this situation and knew what would make Daigo feel better. Daigo’s mother gave him room to grieve and didn’t try to push him into Baseball immediately, now thanks to what he learned from the letter.

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As the episodes move forward we also see some good Character Building, Episode Nine gave us a glimpse into Shida Sato’s life during the recent move, he was against it but his dream of having the perfect battery with his best friend and to play with the Mifune Dolphins. Urabe Hayato is one of the characters to watch for in this Tournament battle, his keen intellect in Baseball, determination, and hard work is one of the reasons why the Dolphins have a strong team but Urabe’s distrust in kids with parents who were Major Leaguers clouded his judgment and was throwing off the team, including the battery of Urabe and Andy Suzuki. While this is entirely a whole different Ballgame than what fans are used to when it comes to the story of Major, their next opponent, however, is one that fans will feel a lot of nostalgia from this matchup in the Summer Tournament. Be sure to tune in for the other half of my review of Major 2nd’s First Season!

Final Grade:

Rating: 8 out of 10.
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