Twitter admits Hackers accessed DMs of high-profile accounts

Alright, I’ll be honest here, I won’t be able to keep this article in 140 characters or less…

Ok, enough of the witty humor, last week over 100 high-profile accounts on Twitter were hacked and it included the Direct Messages of the affected accounts, this was what the company admitted yesterday. It included several elected officials such as Geert Wilders, the leader of Netherland’s Party of Freedom. The attack saw numerous attacks on Celebrities and Politicians, tweeting an obvious Bitcoin Scam that has bagged six-figures, Twitter went onto saying that this attack was not only coordinated, but it gave the hackers “internal access to systems and tools.” While the Verified Users were prevented from tweeting briefly, the Social Media Company updated their blog and tweeted addressing the “security incident”, and that this attack affected Thirty-Six to One Hundred and Thirty accounts, that gave access to their direct message inboxes.

While Twitter declined to comment in the immediate aftermath of the hacking, their Direct Messaging system isn’t entirely well encrypted but it was not clear whether the attackers had used an administrative tool used gave them access to their inboxes.

The Information provided here, and news story is by: TechCrunch

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