Mega Man VR Experience teased for Japan’s Plaza Capcom

We may not get a chance to experience this in the US but in Japan, it’s a whole different story, titled “Rockman: VR Nerawareta Virtual World!!” Aka Mega Man: VR Experience, will be launching at Japan’s Plaza Capcom on Q Plaza Ikebukuro in Tokyo. The Experience is based on the events of Mega Man 11 and will feature in Plaza Capcom’s VR-X Area. The Event is set to debut on July 18th, while this serves as a first in the Mega Man Franchise’s History that it is the Blue Bomber’s first experience in VR Arcades.

Mega Man VR Experience-2
Image Credit: Capcom

“Crisis in the Peaceful VR World! Dr. Wily plans to conquer the peaceful VR world through Hacking! Use the VR Goggles Dr. Light equipped you with and stop Dr. Wily’s Conquest and save the Virtual World!”

The VR-X Area has hosted multiple virtual reality experiences from the Resident Evil Franchise. The Q-Plaza Ikebukuro also houses the Capcom Café. Below is a video of a demo of the new VR Experience.

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