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A New Digital Comics Platform Highlights the Next Generation of Comic Creators: Vortex247

A New Digital Comics Platform has caught the eye of fans and Publishers.

African Comic Creators have started to attract the attention of Publishers in North America and Europe, today, I’m putting the spotlight on a new Digital Comic Platform called Vortex247. Located in Lago, Nigeria, this new Digital Comic Platform was featured recently in Publishers Weekly; they currently are developing the next generation of talent and tapped into the continent’s expanding mobile-digital consumer base.

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Image Credit: Vortex247

The African Continent has a combined population of 1.2 Billion people and with it, a fast-growing Middle Class consisting of 300 Million is making an impression on the Global Economy, turning it into a creative hotspot for artists and a growing market for Books and Media. Somto Ajuluchukwu, founder and CEO of Vortex247 spoke to Publisher’s Weekly about his new Company and the objective of the platform:

“We believe African comics and fiction stands as the future of global storytelling in mainstream media, We hope to be a propelling force and platform for this new age of entertainment content and create not just opportunity for individual creators with exceptional comics but a market place which would build an industry for young creators to monetize their stories and grow a fan base using our comics as a tool to export African culture and globalize our Afro lifestyle.”

Somto Ajuluchukwu, CEO and Founder of Vortex247

For more on this Interview and Details of this new digital comic book platform, Click here. It is a fascinating and interesting look into the world of African Superheroes.

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