Mangaka Paru Itagaki says Next Season of Beastars will Stream in 2021

Beastars Poster

Recently, Mangaka Paru Itagaki released a recorded message on Netflix’s NX Twitter Page, letting the fans know that season two will be streaming in 2021. If you recall at the end of Season One there was a brief teaser after the credits of Episode 12. Then in March, there was a confirmation on the Show’s Official Social Media Page that the show would be returning to Fuji TV Plus Ultra Block in 2021 as well.

While wearing her traditional mask, Paru Itagaki delivers a cute statement and a confirmation that season two is still on track for 2021! What are your thoughts about this? Share it in the comments below! And if you like, the Nerd Den also has a review for the Anime and the first volume.

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