X of Swords Stasis #1 Cover

Out of the Darkness, New Challengers have emerged to fight the X-Men.. The Battle begins in September, raging on in October, prepare yourselves for the X of Swords! Sorry! I couldn’t resist typing this out, so the newest event happening in the X-Men Comics will be the X of Swords, a mysterious group of Sword Bearers from a distant land known as Arakko has made their way to the Mutant Nation of Krakoa, their sights set on defeating the X-Men. The group and their land of Arakko is shrouded in Mystery, especially their Leader, while her identity is classified; it is guaranteed to shock fans world wide!

Source and for more on this, and a lot more: Previews World

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X-Men Movie Marvel Legends Wolverine 6-Inch Action FigureAfter he was Weapon X, before he moved in with Xavier, he was X-Men Movie Marvel Legends Wolverine 6-Inch Action Figure! With a gobsmackingly good likeness of Hugh Jackman. The hair, the claws, the glare, the jaws, everything you love about this sharp mutant is here with amazingly good articulation. Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original X-Men movie – and all of its sequels, while you’re at it – with this awesome action figure!
6- inch action figure includes alternate hands and portrait.