News Round-Up: July 16th 2020

Good afternoon, it is Thursday, July 16th, 2020, it is that time again, time for another round of News Round-Up! Here are several topics that fans are buzzing about: GKIDS announces the Dub Cast for Lupin the Third: The First!, DC Comics announces new Twelve Issue Mini-Series involving Watchmen’s Rorschach, Amazon pulls certain Light Novels and Manga off their Shelves, Publishers respond, and Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo is getting a Netflix Series.

Lupin the Third’s First 3DCG Film gets a Dub Cast.

GKids releases the Cast List involved in the English Dubbed version of Lupin the Third: The First. Anime News Network has the complete list.

The iconic “gentleman thief” Lupin III returns in an action-packed, continent-spanning adventure, as Lupin III and his colorful underworld companions race to uncover the secrets of the mysterious Bresson Diary, before it falls into the hands of a dark cabal that will stop at nothing to resurrect the Third Reich. The gang undertakes trap-filled tombs, aerial escapades and daring prison escapes with the trademark wit and visual finesse that have made LUPIN THE 3RD one of the most storied animation franchises in the world, in a thrilling new caper that is sure to delight fans old and new.

Film Synopsis

DC Unveils new Mini-Series involving Rorschach

Here is something that fans were surprised to hear about, DC Black’s newest twelve-issue Mini-Series will be focusing on the Watchmen’s fiercest Anti-Hero, Rorschach. Set after the events of the Original Watchmen story (Including the Death of Rorschach at the hands of Doctor Manhattan.) Superheroes celebrate Rorschach as a “Cultural Icon” after his actions in the Original Story but the world has a strong distrust with Superheroes nevertheless. Game Radar has the official synopsis and sneak peek.

Game Over! Amazon pulls certain Light Novels and Manga off their Kindle Shelves, Publishers respond!

If you’re a fan of such titles “No Game, No Life“, “The Greatest MagicMaster’s Retirement Plan“, and “How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord” Light Novels, then you might want to steer away from Amazon’s Kindle Service. Daryl Harding and Joseph Luster of Crunchyroll News had an Exclusive Interview with the Publishers of the affected Light Novels and Manga, you can read it here.

Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo is getting a Netflix Series!

The Iconic World of ‘Usagi Yojimbo’ is coming to Netflix! Netflix is teaming with Gaumont on a CGI animated series titled “Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles,” which is based on the 35-year-old comic book series by Stan Sakai. For more on this story, head over to Variety.

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