Violet Evergarden Season One Review


Kicking off 2020 with the First Anime Review of the year, Violet Evergarden, based off the Light Novel written by Kana Akatsuki and illustrated by Akiko Takase; published by Kyoto Animation. Our story takes place after the War, Violet needs help reintegrating into society and search for her life’s purpose, she comes across the CH Postal service and the Auto Memory Dolls of the Ghostwriting Department. Colonel Hodgins, an acquaintance of her old Major, Gilbert Bougainvillea whom she was utterly devoted to; Violet then is given a job as an Auto-Memory Doll.

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The first time I saw the series name on Netflix’s Anime list, I was going to skip it as crazy as that sounded at the time (at that time this was before I had looked into Kyoto Animation or had heard of them.) But after having a chance to watch the first episode and immediately, I was hooked. But not because of the animation, it was the story behind it that won me over; a woman who took part in a similar war that had a conflict in the late stages of World War 1. Violet was a Child Soldier, treated as a killing machine and felt that she out of place in society; Her Major gave her an order to live her life and love freely before he went to MIA, she couldn’t understand how to follow through. In similar ways, Soldiers who have returned from battle in the war can relate to this show; for example, a Reddit user named Ketsuke shared a similar situation of what he went through in adjusting to civilian life and what Violet experienced in the show.


One of the most clever ideas about this show would have to be the concept of an Auto-Memory Doll, a concept of a Scribe and a Ghost-Writer, they help people express their true emotions in Letters. In each episode, we witness and listen to a story about a certain client and their situation involving the reason behind their letter and of course, how Violet helps the client with expressing their feelings while helping her get back into civilian life and one step closer to helping her regain what she had lost and one step closer in the mystery behind the Major’s mysterious disappearance.

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The animation is fluid, one of the most expressive animations in years, Kyoto Animation has had a reputation in producing Anime that is visually gorgeous and on the border of Theatrical Perfection; Violet Evergarden is in that criteria without a doubt and it is clear to see why that this series is highly regarded by many and how it got not only an OVA but also a Theatrical Film that is going to be in theaters April 2020. The best thing about this series was that yes, there is a protagonist but one of the main points of the story was that it was emotion; Emotions, like life, can get very messy, tricky and overall can get hard but it is a journey.

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Final Grade:

Rating: 9 out of 10.

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