Deathstroke slides in for a January 6th Release

Three months ago, during New York Comic Con we had a chance to take a look at the newest CW Seed Show involving the assassin, Deathstroke. At the time we didn’t know when this series would be released, now we do and it is sooner than you think; Monday, January 6th.

The Release Date was revealed today on Instagram, but no clue if this is part of the Arrowverse.

“Ten years ago, Slade Wilson—aka the super-assassin called Deathstroke—made a tragic mistake and his wife and son paid a terrible price. Now, a decade later, Wilson’s family is threatened once again by the murderous Jackal and the terrorists of H.IV.E. Can Deathstroke atone for the sins of the past—or will his family pay the ultimate price?”

Official Synopsis
  • Michael Chiklis- Slade Wilson/Deathstroke
  • Sasha Alexander- Addie
  • Chris Jai Alex- Jackal
  • Faye Mata- Rose
  • Griffin Puatu- Jericho
  • Asher Bishop- Young Joseph
  • Colin Salmon- Wintergreen
  • Delbert Hunt- Tiger
  • Panta Mosleh- Lady Shiva
  • Imari Williams- President/ H.I.V.E. Pilot
  • Minae Noji- Secretary of State
  • Noshir Dalal- Kapoor
  • Castulo Guerra- General Suarez

Be on the lookout for Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons coming to The CW SEED on January 6th. Click here if you want to download the App.

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