Jump SQ to publish new Death Note One-Shot Chapter in February


If you recall the ending of Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata‘s Death Note (Spoilers inbound if you haven’t read it, I would back away from this first part!) That Light Yagami was revealed to be Kira, thanks to Near and the Japanese Task Force; one year passed since the Kira Incident and there are even more worshippers of Kira that gathered at the Mountainside. Since then fans have been wondering if there ever would be a sequel whether it be an Anime adaption or a Manga adaption; there were two other Live-Action films, Death Note and the Last Name; and a spin-off called “L, Change the WorLd!” the closest thing to something new for the series was the Americanized version from 2017, it was met with abysmal reviews and scored a 38% on rotten tomatoes.

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Death Note-Jump SQ
Image Credit: Shueisha’s Jump SQ

In a new announcement from Shueisha’s Jump SQ for the March issue that will be released on February 4th, 2020; this new One-Shot will focus on Ryuk’s Death Note dropping into the human world yet again, in this special edition it will consist of 87 pages and will include a Center Color Page. The story takes place after the Manga had ended.

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