WWE 2K20 was unplayable due to Y2K-Like Bug

BREAK THE WALL DOWN! Oh, wait I meant “BREAK THE GAME DOWN!” A Y2K-Like Bug did what no other Competitor could do, and that is to make the game unplayable. WWE 2K20, the newest game in the Franchise’s long line of games that dates back to the NES era. Recently, ResetEra, a Video Game Forum posted a video highlighting a problem with WWE 2K20, every option led to a blue-screen; other players took to Social Media and to 2K Games’ Support page.

NewLEGACYinc’s Y2K-Bug Highlight.

The first announcement regarding the Y2K Bug

The nickname that gamers have given this bug was “Y2k20“. Gamers also took to Reddit to share their experience with this Y2Kesque bug, when their games started not to work after midnight when it officially became the year 2020. Around 1:15 pm, 2k Games released another statement regarding the bug, this time to let the public know that it was fixed:

A gamer named Mike, whose username was “TheShiningdown” discovered a way to manuver past the Y2k20 bug posted this on twitter:

2019 wasn’t a good year for WWE 2K20, whether it be from Critics, reviewers, and the fans; one can hope 2020 will get better for the battered and bruised Video Game and the Company.

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