One-Piece Stampede’s US Debut Ranks at No. 6

One Piece Stampede Visual

It might be called “One Piece Stampede” but it lives up to its name as it Stampedes into the sixth spot on Thursday night, according to Box Office Mojo. The Straw Hat’s latest adventure raked in $413,015 with the per-screen average at $767, it was higher than any US film in the top 10 that day.

Continuing the domination in Box Offices, Stampede will still be showing in US Box Offices on October 29th and 31st, even though the Dub was screened on Saturday it will be shown again on the 30th. As for Canada, it was shown with English Subtitles on October 25th, with another chance to view it on November 5th. It will be shown in English Dub on October 28th and on November 8th. If you want to grab your tickets for the event, click here to see if its available in your area.

One Piece: Stampede Dub Trailer

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