One Piece Stampede’s Revenue Exceeds 4.1 Billion Yen, Audio Commentary Begins

One Piece Breaks Records, Revenue Exceeds 4.1 Billion Yen and now there will be an Exclusive Commentary Screening Nationwide in Japan.

It has been a Huge Month for One Piece fans, the latest film has left Goku and the gang reeling from the battle with Broly and staying on top of the Japanese Box Office, but it looks like Luffy will add a new title to his rank of achievements; King of the Box Office. But according to the Japanese Entertainment Website Natalie. Mu, there will be an Audio Commentary Screening of the theater version of “One Piece STAMPEDE” that is open to the public nationwide and will be held from August 30th. The Official Description for the event listed below:

“This project will allow you to enjoy movies while listening to the sub-voices of the Straw Hat Crew actors. All nine members , including Monkey D. Luffy Mayumi Tanaka , Kazuya Nakai , Akemi Okamura , Kappei Yamaguchi , Hiroaki Hirata , Ikue Otani , Yuriko Yamaguchi , Kazuki Yao and Cho . In order to enjoy commentary that allows you to listen to production secret stories on the post-recording scene and chatting with cast members, download the “Another Track” smartphone app. Start the app before the screening and listen to commentary on the earphones. Check the official movie website for other details.”


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