Flash Forward #1: Wally’s Journey Begins

When Heroes of Crisis ended Wally West Fans (And Comic Fans in particular) were absolutely heartbroken and livid at the fact that one of their most favorite heroes lost control and killed everyone in Sanctuary, then framed two people for it. But now we move forward to this new six-issue mini-series, we find the Speedster trying to pick up the pieces of his life; chosen for something greater and on a path for redemption. But how does this issue fare? Is it worth your time? Time to find out, the review begins now!

Credit: DC Comics

The story begins with a familiar face, Tempus Fuginaut; hasn’t been seen since the Sideways Series ended. If you’re not familiar with the Fuginaut race, they are a race of beings preventing intrusions from other universes, the Dark Multiverse is rising and beginning to corrupt and erode the barrier that separates Light and Darkness. One of the things I like about this Cosmic Being is that it feels like a nod to Jack Kirby, Jack Kirby is one of the best artists and creators out there and from his work at Marvel, right up there to DC with his New Gods series and Kamandi; then we find Wally, wrestling with the guilt and remorse over what he had done and this is where it falls flat. It focuses too much on his guilt, not enough to layout how big of a threat it is to the 52 Universes and what it has to do with Wally; Lobdell is a good writer but gets a lot of complaints from the fans due to his New 52 run with Red Hood and the Outlaws and Teen Titans but at the end of the day, Flash Forward’s first issue was solid in writing in terms of laying out the atmosphere but comes shortly due to dragging on with Wally’s Guilt and Remorse; most would remark that it makes it harder to care about him.

Credit: DC Comics

Let’s get to the artwork, Brett Booth is well known for his work on DC works such as Teen Titans, Nightwing, Titans and of course Flash; his action sequences practically jump out of the page, he has mentioned and wanted to draw Wally West it shows with each page on how his dream had turned into a reality. With Brett’s Pencil work and the team of Norm Rapmund inking and Luis Guerreo handling the coloring, each page is a treat to read.

Final Grade:

Rating: 6 out of 10.