Mortal Kombat 11’s new DLC line up is revealed


This morning NetherRealm Studios posted a video showing off the new DLC roster, and hate to disappoint you Bruce Campbell fans, Ash is not in this DLC lineup.

But seriously, we got a chance to finally see the T-800 Terminator and Todd McFarlane’s Spawn in one room! But there is still no Mileena I’m afraid, looks like we’ll have to wait still. Then there is Joker, personally, I would have loved to have seen this version of the Joker in Injustice more than that ugly design he ended up within the final product. Queen Sindel looks even more deadly than she has been before, you can count on her fatalities being super gorey.

  • T-800 Terminator arrives on October 8th.
  • Queen Sindel screams onto the scene on November 26th.
  • The Joker comes in smiling on January 28th
  • Spawn will arrive on March 17th

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